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Satisfying water pipes and bubblers!

A wide selection of our products are made locally with the best glass on Earth! Borosilicate glass is close to completely resistant to thermal shock. It has a lengthy shelf life and is exceptionally sturdy. This means it will be difficult to break.

Each borosilicate piece is a little different from the other. The pieces are custom-made and handcrafted. A number of these have 14-karat gold engravings inside the glass, which include beautiful Boston sport teams, music, legends and much more. If you're a music fan, you can choose from Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, and more.


You can always count on our Water Pipes and Bubblers - they are dependable. The style, quality, and overall structure of the Glass products make them a favorite of any smoker.

Bowl: 10mm, 14 mm & 18mm

Down stem: diffused

Height: 2" - 24+"


The some tube’s are designed to make the smoke swirl and rise, just like a tsunami wave swirling at the bottom of the ocean as it rises to the surface. Punctures are placed along the body, which creates air-jets that filter the tar out. You'll get a faster, smoother hit thanks to the 6 air-jets that increase the speed of the smoke when inhaling.


Elite Glass, Tank Glass, Cheech Glass, Diamond Glass, GravLabs, Bio Hazard Glass, Lucaty Glass and Jerome Baker are quite knowledgeable when it comes to making an excellent water pipe. You can expect great features, smooth hits, and thick glass. They feature a number of different percolators. We always keep our selection stocked with the latest products from each brand.

Bringing you the best in Hookahs!

The hookahs we carry come in different colors and sizes, and they have 1 - 4 hoses. If you love elaborate and colorful designs, check out our Ed Hardy Hookahs. We also carry a great selection of sheesha flavors.


Be sure to peruse our wide array of additional accessories that we have on hand. From your basics such as lighters and incense to the more intricate oil rigs, we have them here.


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